Friday, October 10, 2008

Sister Garcia,

He was in love with landmark
virginity. Comical and awkward,
he should know what he's doing during sex.
Early Sunday morning,
he was in love with me -- that
kid you hate. Just know it wasn't me.

I lost it. That valentine is a curse.
Skinny white boy poet is hard to
swallow. He seems to be lying
so as to tell you about it.
But we went to bed with each other, and faced
opposite sides of the wall.

Red wine.


I don't understand why you left.


Anonymous said...

I like what you do. I like the idea of doing such.I think you have to find someone who is on the same wave length, as yourself for it to work and it seems to for you.
'Skinny white boy poet is hard to swallow' great line, yous.

Igniz said...

I am totally interested to read more of your poems! Great ideas!

Can I, like, be one of your friends? I write poems too..but maybe I'm still 'green'..would like to get some ideas from u..:)